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ProRacing Chip Box OBD3

ProRacing Chip Box OBD3 is an improved product of the ProRacing ChipBox OBD series, which has revolutionised the world market of car chip tuning.

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ProRacing Chip Box OBD3

Quality and experience

ProRacing® - performance chip box manufacturer

ProRacing® company is a designer and manufacturer of the highest quality ProRacing Tuning Chip Box.

ProRacing® is more than ten years of experience in the production and distribution of Tuning Chip Box products. We are experts in our field, and chip tuning is our passion.

Our device and manufacturing processes meet the highest standards of International Association of Manufacturers and the Electronic Industries (IPC). It also meets the European and international production standards. Thanks to IPC certification ProRacing has the guarantee of highest quality of products and services in the electronics industry.

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