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„Ok here is how I chose my map... I have an ELM327 and the app Dash Command...So I tried map 10 no big difference...Map 9 and 8 Gave me a bit better economy... Map 7 Real difference... In economy and torque.... The engine feel like free spinning... On a flat road that I am used to drive... The throttle is open @ 12.9 % to 13.7% @ 1800-2000 RPM and it keep 100-115 Kmh... The Engine ''LOAD'' is about 55 % and the Engine TORQUE about 15 Lb/Ft... and the consommation is around 3-3.8 L /100 Km... Map 6 and 5 was too much on the power side and kicks in @ +/- 3000 RPM... I'm looking more for economy... Here some picture.. This is not a joke or fake... That 2014 Cruze 2.0L Diesel can go 1300-1400 Km on an 59 liters tank. I did 437 Km on a little bit more than a 1/4 for an average of 3.8 and still have 857 Km to go .... You can use those pics for your pub ... I will please me I did tried with out it ...The engine feel so ''sluggish'' the throttle have to be @ 34.1% to 34.9% the load is @ 63-65% and the torque is 18-20... and the consommation 4.5- 5 L/100 ...On the same road same speed back and forth on the same day.... I don't know HOW you do that ...but keep going guys.... Thanks it worth every $... Here is some pictures from my 2014 Chevy Cruze 2.0 L Diesel... Went from an usual 850 Km / Tank (59 L) to more than 1300 Km... From an average 7 L /100 Km to 4.5 L /100 Km....Thanks a lot guy... As I sais.... ProRacing CR10 worth every $$ and NOt only it is more efficient BUT ALSO MORE POWERFUL...”

Sylvain Daoust about ProRacing Chip Box CR-10 Map - Facebook

„Thank you for the great service and the fast delivery of my OBD3 chip box. I installed it and I am so happy . I had a performance chip in my car from another company I took it out and installed yours and I can't believe the difference in performance. I am so impressed and I will be a customer for a long time. Thank you !”

ProRacing Chip Box OBD3 for Ford Taurus Mk VI 3.5 263 HP
Craig Watson from Ontario

„Great product....everything as described....easy installation, fast delivery....feel more power and torque!...tnx.”

ProRacing Chip Box OBD3 for Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 16V 95 HP
Dean Dušak from Zagreb

„Thank you. Super product. I'm very happy !!.”

Chip Tuning Performance OPEL INSIGNIA 2.0 CDTI 110 130 160 190 195 HP Power Box (#201991314101)

„Good tuningbox, huge differens!!!”

Performance Chip Tuning VW PASSAT 1.9 TDI PD +35BHP 101 105 115 130 BHP (#201271115086)

„Very happy goes very well turbo lag.more responsive on low revs.”

Performance Chip Tuning Box Opel Combo C 1.7 DTI DI 75 65 HP 00'-06' Diesel Box (#201965610082)

„Super good product increase about 20hp of power....A+++++ shipping”

Performance Chip Tuning Box OBD II Honda Accord CR-V Civic F-RV H-RV Diesel (#201143992641)

„Wow, it really works believe it. Honda civic revs so much quicker and faster ??”

Performance Chip Tuning Box OBD HONDA Accord Civic CR-V FR-V Jazz Petrol Remap (#201091341825)

„33 HOURS!!! 33 hours from order to car! And works wonderful! SUPER!!!”

Performance Chip Tuning VW PASSAT 2.0 TDI PD + 35 BHP 136 140 170 BHP (#201271116323)

„Works great! Big gains in performance, responsiveness and fuel economy”

Performance Chip Tuning Box SKODA Octavia SEAT Leon 1.9 TDI +35 BHP 90 110 BHP (#190961556659)

„Exelent product. Exelent seller. Diesel consumption reduce for 1.1liter. Exelent”

Chip Tuning Performance VW CADDY 1.6 TDI CR 75 102 HP 2.0 TDI CR 102 110 140 HP (#112484911339)

„Looks like i have now diesel Ferrari.) and + about 5mpg.”

Chip Tuning Box VW Passat 1.9 TDI 101 105 115 130 HP 2.0 TDI 136 140 170 HP PD (#222532479154)

„Great product works very well! Customer service fantastic! My car has much more!”

Chip Tuning Box SKODA SUPERB 1.9 2.0 TDI PD 100 101 105 115 130 140 HP PD (#222543457213)

„La verdad que me ha dejado sorprendido. Lo he montado en un vw golf v 1.9 tdi”

Performance Tuning Box VOLKSWAGEN Golf V mk5 1.9 TDI 105 HP 77 kW PD Chip Box (#222538986376)

„Alles bestens geklappt immer wieder gerne danke schön”

Performance Box Tuning FORD Galaxy 1.9 TDI 115 130 150 HP 85 96 kW PD Power Chip (#322543298015)


Performance Chip Tuning RENAULT Clio II 1.6 2.0 / 90 107 172 182 BHP Petrol Box (#192228999866)

„Highly recommend this store and his products. Very high quality, very usable!!”

Chip Tuning Performance VOLVO V70 2.4D 126 130 175 HP 2.4D5 163 185 205 215 HP (#201991378048)

„Не знаю как но эта хрень работает, расход уменьшился минимум на 2л/100 км.”

Chip Tuning Box CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER 2.5 CRD 143 HP / 2.8 CRD 150 163 HP (#192007965286)

„Blitzversand, prima Ware, 5 Sterne Service, Danke!”

Performance Chip Tuning Box OBD II FORD C-Max Escape Ranger Galaxy Petrol Remap (#191179688262)


Performance Tuning Chip SKODA Octavia 1.8T 150 HP / 1.8T 180 HP 2000-2004 Box (#192304630018)

„Excellent Transaction and amazing product.”

Performance Chip Tuning Box OBD II BMW 328Ci 328i 328xi 330Ci 330i 330xi Petrol (#111458952206)

„Quick service. Great product. Helpful installation guide. Great value for money.”

Chip Tuning Performance MAZDA 3 I 1.6 CD 90 109 BHP 2.0 CD 143 HP CR Box (#122603029008)