ProRacing® is more than ten years of experience in the production and distribution of Tuning Chip Box products. We are experts in our field, and chip tuning is our passion. ProRacing® is gradually expanding the group of satisfied buyers, both in Poland and abroad. Every month, thousands of devices, signed by the ProRacing® logo, goes into the hands of happy customers.

We have developed an authorised distribution network in many European and Asian countries (including China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore). The products we offer are manufactured in Poland. ProRacing® devices undergo rigorous tests, thanks to which we can be sure that you receive the highest quality products that meet the highest standards of the European production and technological process.

We offer professional assistance in choosing the product and its installation. A fully qualified team of ProRacing® employees supports you throughout the whole life of our devices. The satisfaction of our client is the most important to us.

A 24-month warranty covers all devices in our offer. Also, we provide comprehensive technical support throughout the entire unlimited period of use. We care about customer’s satisfaction because it is a measure of our highest success.

Standard quality of ProRacing®

Our device and manufacturing processes meet the highest standards of International Association of Manufacturers and the Electronic Industries (IPC). It also meets the European and international production standards. Thanks to IPC certification ProRacing has the guarantee of highest quality of products and services in the electronics industry.

ProRacing24 produkcja z zastosowaniem profesjonalnego sprzętu
ProRacing24 produkcja z zastosowaniem profesjonalnego sprzętu
ProRacing24 produkcja z zastosowaniem profesjonalnego sprzętu
ProRacing24 produkcja z zastosowaniem profesjonalnego sprzętu
ProRacing24 produkcja z zastosowaniem profesjonalnego sprzętu
Information on certificates and norms used during production of our electronic devices: :

1. ESD protection (ESD) – protection of static-sensitive components.

  • Production is carried out in ESD protected area. 
  • Production area is equipped among others with anti-static floor mats and table mats with grounding wires. 
  • All production and warehouse workers who have contact with produced devices are equipped with anti-static wristbands and shoes bands. 
  • Antistatic properties measurements of workplaces were performed in production area, according to the IEC 61340-4-1 norm. After completing the measurements by technical coordinator of Renex on 5 March 2014 a report (attached) was prepared which confirms the ability to equipotential grounding in all measured area.
  • We received ESD measurement certificate(attached)that confirms we have ESD protected area according to the IEC 61340-4-1 norm.

2. Using IPC norms during production guarantees high production quality and technical process repeatability.

  • In October 2014 we participated in theoretical and practical trainings held by Renex EEC – Authorized IPC Training Centre.
  • Trainings concerned the IPC-7711/7721B norm. 
  • All production workers of our company participated in the training. After completing it, they took an examination and passed it with positive results. 
  • The training was run by a certified IPC trainer.
  • All participants received a personal international certificate of completion of the training IPC-7711/7721 - Certified IPC Specialist, and personal MEN certificate as well.
  • After completing trainings the company received IPC certificate issued by Renex EEC - Authorized IPC Training Centre confirming the training completion by 11 workers of the company (attached.) 
  • IPC certificates are considered worldwide as a quality guarantee of products and services in electronics industry.
  • Each issued certificate is approved by IPC headquarter and has a unique identification number.
  • International IPC certificates confirm the knowledge and skills within the carried out training.
  • IPC is a leading international association of manufacturers of electronics industry.
  • RENEX EEC is the only Authorized IPC Training Centre in Central and Eastern Europe with 20 years of experience in electronics industry. It is one of the most modern IPC Training Centres worldwide as well.