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ProRacing Chip Box OBD2
  • ProRacing Chip Box OBD2
  • ProRacing Chip Box OBD2
  • ProRacing Chip Box OBD2
  • ProRacing Chip Box OBD2

ProRacing Chip Box OBD2

ProRacing Chip Box OBD2 It became the bestselling product of ProRacing company and revolutionized the global chip tuning market.

Made in Europe / Poland, 2 year warranty

  • power increaseto 30%
  • torque increaseto 30%
  • fuel savingsto -15% in diesel engines
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Get ready for

Pro Power Increase
– Power Boost

*Increase of power and a maximum speed of the car.
*Torque increase, which guarantees:

  • better driving dynamics,
  • stable and flexible work of the engine, 
  • much better acceleration due to faster response to the gas pedal.
  • Smooth shifting in cars with automatic transmission.
  • Smooth acceleration from low engine speeds.

* Easy starting of the engine even in winter conditions.

* Reducing of turbo lag in turbocharged cars with petrol and diesel engines.

– Safety first

* Increase in driving dynamics.
* Easier and safer overtaking manoeuvre.
* Improved driving comfort.

The device improves driving comfort. Improving driving dynamics and improving engine performance is equal to the increased road safety. 

  • When the device is connected, the torque increases significantly.
  • The car becomes more dynamic, better responsive to the gas pedal.
  • Also, in cars with the automatic transmission, this increase translates to faster gear changes, thanks to which the car gains much better acceleration.

This is very important, for example, when overtaking. Thanks to the easy overtaking, we take care of our passengers and their safety.

When you are sure of the power of your car the overtaking manoeuvre will be easier and, above all, safer.

Pro Eco Driving
– Fuel Economy

* Reduces fuel consumption up to about 2.0 l per 100 km in diesel engines

The increase in power and torque improves the engine performance. Optimizing engine performance reduces fuel consumption. Performance depends on the car's output parameters, engine capacity, current fuel consumption, and driving style. 

In a continuous route, without rapid acceleration and deceleration, we can expect a reduction of up to 2.0 l per 100 km. The higher the fuel consumption and engine capacity, the greater the achievable fuel savings.

By reducing the combustion, we reduce the number of harmful substances emitted to the atmosphere, including nitrogen and carbon oxides.

We can refuel much less often, save money and protect the environment.

Description ProRacing Chip Box OBD2

ProRacing Chip Box OBD2 is an innovative product on the global chip tuning market. Thanks to a modern device we have access to the Engine Control Unit (ECU), and we can safely modify it. This allows for increased power and torque up to 30%.

ProRacing Chip Box OBD2 It became the bestselling product of ProRacing company and revolutionized the global chip tuning market.

Chip Box OBD2 contains Microchip processor with built-in FLASH memory.

In this memory, there is a three-dimensional data table, called the ignition map, which contains information on the boost pressure (in cars with a turbine), fuel injection rate, ignition angle, injection time. Depending on many real-time parameters, such as air temperature, current air density, RPM, throttle position and others, we modify this map and get more power, more torque and lower fuel consumption.

The device is additionally equipped with a RESET button. Pressing the RESET button prepares the device for connection to the ECU. The connection is signalled by LEDs on the device. Pressing the RESET button again clears the memory of the device and allows re-connection to the ECU, i.e. the download of current engine parameters. This is of great importance to the car, as it guarantees us:

  • optimum map according to the current parameters of the car,
  • guarantee of safety of the resulting modification.

If we are repairing or replacing parts, oils or travel a considerable distance (about 5000 km) – by pressing the RESET button the device will update the map generated by a new read from all ECU parameters.

This solution stands in strong opposition to traditional remapping - where software changes in the ECU are permanent and relative to the original state of the car.

Due to the inevitable wear and tear of the car's components, such permanent modification (over time) exposes our vehicle to significant overload.

The OBD2 device perfectly solves this problem by providing an optimal mapping based on current vehicle parameters, safe for all vehicle components.

Two main consumer requirements were the basis for the development of the device:

The desire to replace a permanent and expensive remapping with a much cheaper, more effective and safe solution

The need to create an easy-to-use device and mount it with Plug&Play-ready cables. 

The versatility of the device:

  • Safe for cars under warranty – without a risk of losing warranty. After removing the device, the car returns to factory settings and leaves no traces in the ECU of the vehicle,
  • Dedicated to all vehicles equipped with the diagnostic connector of the second generation "OBD2" - ranging from the oldest models of 1996 to the latest car models,
  • Designed for installation in diesel, petrol, hybrid, petrol engines powered by LPG,
  • Created for manual and automatic gearboxes.

Highest quality guarantee

  • Certificate IPC: 7711 / 21
  • Certificate IEC: 61340-4-1

Our products meet the highest standards of the international association of manufacturers of IPC electronics industry and Polish and international production standards. IPC certificates are recognized around the world for guaranteeing the quality of our products and services in the electronics industry. The use of PN-IEC standards ensures high production quality and repeatability of the process.

Technical data

power increase
to 30%

torque increase
to 30%

fuel savings
to -15% in diesel engines



Power supply
8-15V DC(Direct Current)

Power Consumption

Communication protocol
CAN (ISO15765/SAE J2480) / J1850 PWM / J1850 VPW / ISO9141 / ISO14230 (KWP2000) /ISO14229 (UDS)

Operating temperature range
from -40 to +85 o C

Engine protection function

CPU power supply

ProRacing OBD_2_M