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ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD 2
  • ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD 2
  • ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD 2
  • ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD 2
  • ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD 2

ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD 2

ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD2 is a modern digital device connected in the engine compartment, designed for cars with diesel engines with injection system based on pump injectors- PD.

Made in Europe / Poland, 2 year warranty

  • power increaseto 30%
  • torque increaseto 30%
  • fuel savingsto -15%
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Get ready for

Pro Power Increase
– Power Boost

*Increase of power and a maximum speed of the car.
*Torque increase, which guarantees:

  • better driving dynamics,
  • stable and flexible work of the engine, 
  • much better acceleration due to faster response to the gas pedal.
  • Smooth shifting in cars with automatic transmission.
  • Smooth acceleration from low engine speeds.

* Easy starting of the engine even in winter conditions.

* Reducing of turbo lag in turbocharged cars with petrol and diesel engines.

– Safety first

* Increase in driving dynamics.
* Easier and safer overtaking manoeuvre.
* Improved driving comfort.

The device improves driving comfort. Improving driving dynamics and improving engine performance is equal to the increased road safety. 

  • When the device is connected, the torque increases significantly.
  • The car becomes more dynamic, better responsive to the gas pedal.
  • Also, in cars with the automatic transmission, this increase translates to faster gear changes, thanks to which the car gains much better acceleration.

This is very important, for example, when overtaking. Thanks to the easy overtaking, we take care of our passengers and their safety.

When you are sure of the power of your car the overtaking manoeuvre will be easier and, above all, safer.

Pro Eco Driving
– Fuel Economy

* Reduces fuel consumption up to about 2.0 l per 100 km

The increase in power and torque improves the engine performance. Optimizing engine performance reduces fuel consumption. Performance depends on the car's output parameters, engine capacity, current fuel consumption, and driving style. 

In a continuous route, without rapid acceleration and deceleration, we can expect a reduction of up to 2.0 l per 100 km. The higher the fuel consumption and engine capacity, the greater the achievable fuel savings.

By reducing the combustion, we reduce the number of harmful substances emitted to the atmosphere, including nitrogen and carbon oxides.

We can refuel much less often, save money and protect the environment.

Description ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD 2

ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD2 is a dual-channel digital device connected in the engine compartment in .

Designed for cars with diesel engines:

  • PD - injection system based on pump injectors

The set includes dedicated plug & play wires and detailed assembly instructions.

The digital device is programmed to optimise the settings for a particular injection system and engine capacity. In addition, the device is equipped with a self-regulating system – adjustment screw.  

New, more advantageous engine settings release "hidden" reserves, so you can ride much safer and more comfortable. The power in the car is increased by the electronics, so there is no need to interfere with the mechanical parts of the engine or the components. The greater power is obtained by changing the air/fuel mixture, that is, the air and fuel delivered to the cylinders and the timing and angle of the ignition and injection timing. For this, in turbocharged cars, the charging pressure is modified. Power influences, among others, the maximum speed of the car.

ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD 2 is a dual-channel digital device connected in the engine compartment.

The device is programmed for use with diesel engines equipped with injection units - Volkswagen Group (VAG) cars with TDI engine.

Equipped with an additional self-regulation system – adjustment screw.

The kit includes dual-channel cables with Plug & Play plugs.

The device is prepared for mounting in the engine compartment, at appropriate sensors in the fuel injection control system.

Connect the 4-pin plug to the turbine pressure sensor or the absolute pressure sensor located on the inlet tube of the intake manifold.

Connect the 2-pin plug to the fuel temperature sensor located on the fuel hoses.

As a result, we modify the data transmitted between the control computer (ECU) and the corresponding sensor, including fuel injection, fuel amount, boost pressure, air temperature, engine speed, throttle position, injector opening time.

The digital device immediately reads the electronic signals from the sensor and optimises them accordingly. Transmitting of modified signals to the ECU takes place in real time. The engine raises power and torque depending on engine speed, which improves driving comfort. 

Product usability - ProRacing Chip Box Digital PD 2

  • Car warranty protection.The device can be used on cars with a guarantee, because in the computer control(ECU) no parameters are permanently changed. When the device is disconnected, the ECU returns to the serial parameters, so the modification is undetectable by the service during the technical review.

  • Easy Plug & Play installation.This device is intended for self-installation. Includes detailed installation instructions and dedicated cables with original manufacturer plugs.

  • Self-regulating system – adjustment screw. Allows you to make settings modifications - it makes it easy to adjust the device to the needs of the engine - reduce or increase the power of the device.

  • Engine protection function.Ensures the engine operates in a safe range of engine speed. The power increase is always maintained within the tolerance range of the engine speed. This function prevents the engine from overheating at high loads - very dynamic driving.

  • Fast effect.The electronics increase the power of the car, so there is no need to interfere with the mechanical parts of the engine or the components, and the effect is almost immediate.

  • Durability and reliability.The device is built in SMD technology; the electronic circuit is enclosed in a well-insulated housing made of durable plastic. Heat-insulated cables are provided with waterproof plugs for durability and reliability.

Highest quality guarantee

  •  Certificate IPC: 7711 / 21
  •  Certificate IEC: 61340-4-1

Our production meets the highest standards of the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) and Polish and international production standards. IPC certificates are recognised around the world for guaranteeing the quality of products and services in the electronics industry. The use of PN-IEC standards ensures high production quality and repeatability of the process. 

Technical data

power increase
to 30%

torque increase
to 30%

fuel savings
to -15%